About us

Vernak is a casual fitness company that creates a casual look that you can comfortably work-out in. The clothing in our range is practical for both the gym and the club Ė giving you no excuse not to stay fit and fun.

Vernak Clothing

Vernak was established in 2017 on the principle that young adultís gym clothing was way too different from an everyday look, making it inconvenience to find an outfit for the day. Therefore, we decided to provide you with the luxury of being able to go to gym and also grab a cup of coffee without having to feel like you are not dressed for the occasion. We as a fitness brand want to see people like you getting into training and leading a healthy lifestyle and we pledge to help you by providing you the with the necessary platform to achieve this success.

Fitness service

If you looking to lead a fit and healthy lifestyle but donít know where to start, let us help you. We offer fitness services such as training and nutritional plans set specifically to your needs at an affordable rate starting as low as R49.99. We simply here to help you reach your goal and we will be that helping hand you need. Get started now!

Have any queries or concerns? Feel free to voice them and email us at info@vernak.co.za
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