About B.W.A

It's all about breaking the silence. Disarming the societal chains that have been shackled on women. Giving women the voice to speak out and be listened to, not just heard, to be helped and healed. Teaching black women to recognize the god inside themselves. Also, a space where men can see and learn why women are so afraid to live every single day knowing that tomorrow they might die in the hands of the man they love, a stranger and a friend. I want both men and women to see that equality will never be possible until gender fluidity is learnt.

A few things to note.

Thank you to everyone who contributed and will still contribute to the making of this online book for women made by women. These articles or poems were written by different authors with the same goal, they are not seeking fame but are seeking to educate, hence their names are not written anywhere.

Before I woke

Before I woke, I spoke in my dreams as a practioner predestined to move in a pace practising what preceded perfection. Pretty as can be, petty is what they perceive of me because I am vocal about my belonging, I am the beloved daughter birthed in a socially injustice relativity to survive and revive those who have overdosed on conformity. I hear the footsteps of controversy and war drawing towards me threatening to downsize me due to the size of my lips and the shade of my pigment. The tragedy in our tradition assures us completion if we are to obtain a ring and I am just a thing when I interrogate the voices of authority that attempt to deteriorate my chance to imagine myself beyond dependence. Don't displace me, don't detail me distraction my specialities are beyond domestic, I am intrinsic build with an instinct to create and not just to imitate.

The Ideal Self

I am tired, I am messy, I am both chaos and calm. Please do not force me into a world where beautiful is all I can be because I am afraid that isn't all I am.

The Perfect One

In the years to come , if I were asked to draw the same picture , I probably would have drawn a thin , long haired, perfect skin and smile white woman. Why is it that the older we get , the more boxed our idea of perfection gets ? They never taught us that black women are beautiful as they are , they didn't teach us to love our knotted hair and dark skin , they didn't teach us to love our full figures. . .

I am Donna The Activist

I am the cries of the mother who can't afford to educate her children, but she does. I am the woman afraid to raise harassment to authorities because it's authorities who harass her The girl who cries herself to sleep. The girl who starves herself. The girl who wears waist trainers to create the perfect body.

I am Donna The Activist

I am the bitch and hoe in every rap song. The fat ass bitches in the club! The undesired fat girl. The shamed skinny girl. I am the girl with the crush on Chris Brown. The very same girl who feared for Rihanna's life.

I am Donna The Activist

I am the girl who was raped by her brother. By her father. By her boss. By her boyfriend. By her husband. By a stranger. By the world.

I am Donna The Activist

I am the daughter of the father who teaches me to be vigilant instead of teaching my brother to be merciful. I am the daughter of the man who tells me to protect myself instead of teaching the boys to protect me. I am the girl that wants to get a gun because it's not safe. Because these rapists are immune to pepper spray.

What is Feminism?

The common misconception about feminism is that it's about women wanting to be superior to men, which is actually untrue - although I can list a few examples that prove we are, starting back from the Bible. There are different types of feminism, yes, but I identify myself as a Liberal Feminist, who believes in the political, economical and social equality of the sexes.

What is Feminism?

Feminism was never about trying to be men, or replace them (even though it's not a bad idea right now). It was about being able to use one's voice to speak on behalf of women that could not find the words to fight the injustices they were subjected to. It was about reminding women that it is okay to see their beauty without compliments of men and it was okay to be comfortable enough in their skin to wear whatever the fuck they wanted to. Feminism is about women being sexually liberated. It's about fighting against femicide, physical abuse, emotional abuse and the senseless killings of women. It's about letting men know that we were not created from their backbones or their metatarsals so we were never made to be behind nor beneath them.